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                      music                         ORIENTE PLUS/POWER CUT

The music of "Oriente Plus/Power Cut" is as versatile as the extensive genesis of the piece, which characterizes the work of Signdance Collective.

Inspired by the Cuban musician David Omni, who composed for it and sent the tracks to Europe, we started an exciting intercultural exchange, through which, beyond the music, the borders of a country, whose culture is the central theme of this performance, became noticeable. Among others this resulted in the song "Pajaros", which is based on a true story and tells of an abandoned homeland.

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Musical elements in the piece are presented through singing in Spanish, Portuguese, English and, if required, in German. As a performer, and that is what is special, the Austrian musician Angelina Schammerlin slips physically into the role of a vulture, playing the vertical flute. Compositions that arose in the process of developing the play and complete with sign theatre, dance and drama.

The musician says: “Oriente Plus/Power Cut is my story too, historical and contemporary in terms of debate. It means a lot to me to be part of this production.

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